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FAQ Keeepy V4


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To what height is the Keeepy adaptable to?

The Keeepy is designed to be adaptable to any size between 1,65 m to 1,95 m.

What is the price of a Keeepy?

Now we are thinking over this answer.

What’s the max load the Keeepy is able to support?

Keeepy can support a max. load of 120 Kg (230 Lb)

How much does the Keeepy weight?

The Keeepy weight is about 3.5 kg.

Does the risk for falling increase while wearing the Keeepy?

Studies as well as practical test have shown, that there is NO increased risk of falling for persons wearing the device. In addition, we train every user intensively in how to proper use the Keeepy.

Is the Keeepy designed with private persons having back problems in mind?

No, the Keeepy is meant to be used in an industrial environment such as assembly or production lines.

How can the Keeepy be cleaned?

The Keeepy can be cleaned with a damp cloth or compressed air. In addition, the textile parts can be washed. Further cleaning is usually not required.

Can the Keeepy be tested in person?

Yes, but you must rent it.

Is it possible to climb stairs while wearing the Keeepy?

Yes, with the last version of Keeepy you can easly climb any stairs, but going downstairs could be safe if stairs not more than 10 cm.  

Is it possible for employees to share one device?

This is possible, in this case, you can order additional top strapping. In General, we do recommend tough that every employee has his or her own device available for use.

Is there a need for regular maintenance?

During our extensive stress tests, we concluded, that the Keeepy, not including the disposable parts, does not require regular maintenance. We do offer though at the end of the warranty the possibility to do a routine maintenance of the disposable parts for a service fee.

Are there temperature restrictions?

We recommend using the Keeepy at a temperature of -10 ° C to 40 ° C.

Can one kneel while wearing the Keeepy?

No, kneeling is not possible.

How long does it take to put on and take off the Keeepy?

As part of our individual implementation training courses, we introduce each user to various ways of putting on and taking off the Keeepy. As a rule, it takes a maximum of 30 seconds to put on the Keeepy, and to take it off just under 10 seconds.

Do I really have to get trained on the Keeepy?

As with any aid and support product, training to optimize the use of the Keeepy is essential. As part of our introductory program, in addition to the users, internal trainers (super users) will be trained, who will then provide their colleagues with advice and assistance in the future.